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New Picture: Skyla and Elesa’s Foot Fun


Hey guys, felt like doing one of the Mistralton gym leader Skyla. And who else better to accompany her than her fellow gym leader Elesa. I really enjoyed the 5th generation games, especially the sequels. The PWT was such a cool feature to me, I wish they would’ve continued it in the later games. Enough of that though, here are the pictures:






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  1. Tim September 4, 2017

    Will you be making a second part to this of the 2 in flipped positions?

  2. JoshuHigashikata1 September 5, 2017

    Another really good piece. There will a continuation to this?

  3. Aromatic Sole Stories September 5, 2017

    Absolutely incredible! I positively love this!

  4. Gaxa97 September 5, 2017

    Man it’s been a while since I’ve seen gen 5 stuff. Are we getting a reverse situation after this one ;)?

    • BSFLove September 16, 2017 — Post Author

      I hadn’t planned on it, I might do it though since I accidentally made everyone think I would with my choice of dialogue lol

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