Anime Feet the Way You Want Them

New Picture: Inside Ruby Rose’s Boot

Hey everyone, this time I made one of Ruby Rose’s feet from RWBY. I wasn’t sure what to do dialogue-wise at first being that Ruby is not a malicious character, and I also haven’t seen passed season 1 so I wasn’t sure if there’s anyone she’d do this kind of thing to. I think I did well though for a non-hostile piece. Hope you guys enjoy!



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  1. Aromatic Sole Stories August 30, 2017

    Spectacular work as always.

  2. JoshuHigashikata1 August 31, 2017

    Awesome art! I really liked the dialogue.

  3. Gaxa97 September 1, 2017

    Like you said, you nailed it for this piece. I’ve only watched some of this series here and there but this situation just seems to fit perfectly

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